Statewide Wrecker Service offers various services, Towing, Roadside Assistance, Parking Management, Accident Response, and Equipment Transport.


Towing: We move any vehicle from one place to another ranging from Scooters to Full Size Tractors.


Road Side Assistance: In the event your vehicle is out of fuel, has a flat tire, you lock your keys in your vehicle, or you need a battery boost we are there to get you back on the road.


Parking Management: Our Parking Management Division can help you manage your parking lot problems, if you have frequent violators that are not allowed to park on your property, leave their car for an extended amount of time, have a wrecked vehicle sitting on a parking space, or if they are in any kind of parking violation, Statewide Wrecker offers an Impound Service. Statewide will take the vehicle to a storage facility at the vehicle owners expense.                                                     *Certain guidelines must be followed as mandated by Georgia law §40-11;                                                                   *We are prohibited by law not to patrol parking areas, your parking manager or property owner must request all tows.         See the 'Impound''section in the menu above for details.


Equipment Transport: Our Transport Division can transport off road equipment for you from once place to another,     such as trailers, tool boxes, machinery, shipping containers, forklifts, etc.

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