01.  All sales are CASH ONLY immediately following the bid.  Once final bid is accepted,

       the sale is final and there will be NO REFUNDS of any kind.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!


02.  All bids start at $150 Dollars.


03.  All bidders must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid Georgia license or

       have a Georgia address with proper identification. Due to safety reasons all children

       UNDER THE AGE OF 16 YEARS must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


04.  Dealers must have a copy of their Dealers license before a bidder number can be

       put into the Dealers name.  The owner of the dealer must be present, or the

       representative must have a notarized letter from the owner.


05.  All vehicles are sold AS IS with NO WARRANTIES of any kind expressed or implied.


06.  All vehicles must be removed from our lot by TUESDAY following the sale at 6:00PM.

       If not removed; the vehicle & all money will be forfeited.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!


07.  Anyone caught entering any vehicle, removing anything from any vehicle including

       but not limited to keys, or anyone caught in the area other than the designated

       auction lot will be asked to leave the lot and will be subject to Criminal Prosecution.



08.  Auction paperwork can only be completed by the person who obtained the bidder

       number and MUST be completed by 3:00pm the day of the sale.  There will be a

       $20.00, per vehicle per week, charge if paperwork is done after the sale day.  Not

       to exceed $100.00.   NO EXCEPTIONS!!


09.  Lost sale paperwork will be duplicated, within one year of sale date, for a $50.00

       charge and $100.00 for paperwork lost within four years of sale date. You must

       provide the complete V.I.N. to the vehicle.


10.  Statewide Wrecker Service, Inc. reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone

       anytime, rules are subject to change at anytime.


These guidelines are set to protect all involved.  So please abide by them, and most of all, enjoy the auction! ! !



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