Foreclosed Auction

The following vehicles are declared abandoned and foreclosed vehicles persuant to OCGA 40-11-5.


(These vehicles are being sold as is)


Pictures and list of vehicles will be ready one week before the auction.


Our auctions are led by Mr. Lee Bissell (Lee Bissell Auctions, LLC GAL#3705).

These vehicles will be sold for public outcry for cash at Statewide Wrecker Service located at 2775 Simpson Circle, Norcross, Georgia at 10:00 AM.


Covid-19 -- Auction Guidelines •

Auction will be open to bidders only (one person per number)

• Bidders must be age 18 or over

• No children allowed

• No more than two (2) people in the office at one time to sign in or check out

• All bidders must wear a mask.




• All other auction guidelines for non-Covid 19 times are still in effect.

Thank you for practicing social distancing.




• Each door will serve as a sign in station.

• Please have your ID ready to be copied. IDs will be returned to bidder once it has been copied.

• Bidder will receive a sticker with their bidder number.

Stickers should be placed on the left chest so that it is visible to SWS auction employees.




• Only one bidder will be allowed in the office at a time.

• Please be prepared to pay and then leave immediately.

• You can check out before the auction is finished.

• If you did not make a purchase, you are free to leave.


Thank you for being part of our auction! 


on the following days                                                                                        





09/05/2020        click here for a list of vehicles and photos 

09/19/2020        click here for a list of vehicles and photos 


10/03/2020        click here for a list of vehicles and photos 

10/17/2020        click here for a list of vehicles and photos 

10/31/2020        click here for a list of vehicles and photos 


11/14/2020 ** Subject to Change **

11/28/2020 ** Subject to Change **


12/12/2020 ** Subject to Change **

12/26/2020 ** Subject to Change **



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