Welcome To Statewide Wrecker Service Inc.

Covid-19 -- Auction Guidelines •

Auction will be open to bidders only (one person per number)

• Bidders must be age 18 or over

• No children allowed

• No more than two (2) people in the office at one time to sign in or check out

• All bidders must wear a mask.




• All other auction guidelines for non-Covid 19 times are still in effect.

Thank you for practicing social distancing.




• Each door will serve as a sign in station.

• Please have your ID ready to be copied. IDs will be returned to bidder once it has been copied.

• Bidder will receive a sticker with their bidder number.

Stickers should be placed on the left chest so that it is visible to SWS auction employees.




• Only one bidder will be allowed in the office at a time.

• Please be prepared to pay and then leave immediately.

• You can check out before the auction is finished.

• If you did not make a purchase, you are free to leave.


Thank you for being part of our auction! 


Since 1990, Statewide Wrecker Service has been an automotive towing company based in Gwinnett and Hall Counties of Georgia, and serving metro Atlanta. We have locations in Norcross, Buford, Gainesville, and a home office in Lilburn, Georgia. Specializing in automotive light duty towing, heavy duty towing, vehicle crash recovery, off-road four-wheel drive recovery, motor club towing and roadside assistance, and specialized equipment transport, Statewide Wrecker Service can answer any of your towing, hauling, transportation, and logistic needs. Our phones are manned twenty-four hours a day, year-round by an actual Statewide dispatcher, not an answering service.


Our goal has been to provide quick, courteous service to the motorists of the Metro Atlanta. Our loyal customers and competent staff we have enabled us to expand and strengthen our fleet resulting in continuous effort to grow our service in an area that also continues to grow with us. 


A state of the art dispatch and call center enables us to respond promptly to service calls and dispatch the closest tow truck to your location.


With our centrally dispatched fleet of over 70 towing and transport trucks in

five locations:

Gwinnett County locations in Lilburn and Norcross,

Hall County locations in Gainesville and Buford, and

Jackson/Banks Counties in Commerce we have timely availability from many

areas of metro Atlanta and north Georgia.


The Mission of Statewide Wrecker Service, Inc. is to provide quality services through


(1) care of others,


(2) prompt and courteous service,


(3) presentable personnel, equipment and facilities,


(4) and a trained and knowledgeable staff.


Our mission is accomplished within the framework of the following set of values:

Commitment, Compassion, Competency, Cooperation, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership, and Tolerance


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